It was our Regional Program that launched SeaNet back in 2003, and we have fine-tuned it ever since by listening to the feedback of our yacht owners. This innovative program provides you with an equity position in one of our sleek, European-built vessels ranging from 52′ to 82′ feet. The Regional Program is the perfect solution for your busy schedule, providing you with an ideal yacht ownership experience in a region of your choice.
Quarter shares in our Regional Fleet are priced from $300,000 to $733,500, depending on the size of the yacht, plus your share of the yacht’s operating expenses. This entitles you to 72 days per year on board your vessel. Or, for a change of pace, you can spend some of your time aboard another yacht in a different region.

The SeaNet Regional Program also includes luxury concierge services dedicated to fulfilling each owner’s private yachting desires. In addition, each yacht is professionally managed by SeaNet, sparing you the hassle of staffing, maintaining, and servicing your yacht.

Overall, the Regional Program is the ideal solution for the yachting enthusiast that desires the benefits of the yachting lifestyle, while enjoying the benefits of enhanced flexibility and ease of use.

Model Ownership (%) Usage Days Ownership Price Range
48 Absolute Navetta 1/4 72 $397,266
68 Absolute Navetta 1/4 72 $1,078,790
52 Absolute Flybridge 1/4 72 $337,000
60 Absolute Flybridge 1/4 72 $525,000 – $550,000
64 Absolute Flybridge 1/4 72 $650,000 – $675,000
60 Sunseeker Manhattan 1/4 72 $300,000
76 Sunseeker Yacht 1/4 – 1/3 72 $1,112,395 – $1,483,185
82 Sunseeker Yacht 1/3 112 $733,500
70 Azimut 1/4 + 72 Starting at $445,000
42 Boston Whaler 420 Outrage 1/4 72 $270,000

*Ownership subject to availability. Current exchange rates apply.

Our regional program is flexible & innovative.
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